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What Are the 5 Best Types of Landscaping Rocks for Your Garden?

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Landscaping rocks are a great addition to gardens. With the rocks’ versatile nature, there’s so much room for creativity. Traditional gardens are usually filled with greenery that needs to be replanted every season. However, these rocks can withstand harsh times.

Apart from being durable and easy to install, rocks are also a great way to add a special touch to your garden. Their different shapes and sizes allow you to be highly creative or to stick with a classier and simpler look.

There’s a huge range of different landscaping rocks to choose from. Which ones are your favorite? We’ve come up with a list of landscaping rocks that we know you’ll love.

Rainbow Stones

Rainbow stones are usually used to decorate garden beds, fence lines, or water features. These stones are coloured with different shades of grey, purple, and even yellow.

Not only are Rainbow Stones used for garden beautification, but they can also be an alternative for mulching, as they don’t degrade over time.

To make the most of Rainbow Stones, make sure to place a weed mat before installing. This helps prevent the aggregate from combining with the sand and controlling weeds.

White Stones

Durable and easy on the eyes, White Stones are perfect for gardens that have a clean and classy feel. These stones are perfect for homeowners who are looking to break away from the typical all-grass gardens.

These rocks have multiple uses. They’re perfect for rock gardens, flower gardens, or even zen gardens. The stone’s simplicity gives you the freedom to completely personalize an existing garden or create an altogether new space.

Desert Sunset

The Desert Sunset Gemstone is a semi-precious Australian gem. True to its name, it is coloured with layers of red, brown, and golden yellow. This gemstone is the perfect depiction of sunset and the beautiful Australian outback.

The Desert Sunset Gemstone is a great choice as a feature rock, mulch, or even as a rock for water features.

Black Basalt Stones

This durable volcanic stone portrays sophistication and class because of its modern shade of grey that darkens into black when wet.

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