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Amdro Ant Bait Granular 170g


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Amdro Ant Bait Granular,  for use against the Coastal Brown Ant, Singapore Ant, Tropical Fire Ant or Ginger Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant and Greenhead Ant

Amdro is an amazingly effective product. The Coastal Brown Ant is particularly common in Australia and seems to love digging up the sand under paves and brickwork. Amdro has a devastating effect on the nest and stops them dead.

Situation Pest Rate Critical Comments
Gardens, golf courses,
Industrial areas, Lawns,
Parks, Turf, Sports
grounds and other non
crop land and nonfood
bearing nursery stock
Singapore ant
Monomorium destructor)
Costal brown ant
Pheidole megacephala)
Tropical fire and or
Ginger ant (
Greenhead ant
Rhytidoponera spp)
Red imported fire ant
Solenopsis invicta)
2.5 kg/ha or
Broadcast method (all ant types): Evenly distribute
granules over infested area using a hand held rotary granule
spreader or equivalent applicator or gloved hand.
Individual mound treatments (Red imported fire ant):
This treatment method should be used when fast control
is required, desirable ant species are present throughout
the treatment area and there are less than 50 fire ant nests
or colonies per hectare. Sprinkle 50g (approximately 5
tablespoons) of product immediately around each mound.
Apply in late afternoon when ants are active. Re-treat when
ant activity becomes troublesome again.
See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS on label for description of



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