Blue Metal Dust -2MM


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Product Description

  • Blue metal dust dust is commonly used in construction as a base for artificial lawns, in paving screeds as well as being used as pathways or driveways.
  • It compacts down really well while still allowing drainage.
  • Although Blue Metal dust dust is most used in the construction
    industry, it can also be used in gardening as an organic fertilizer. Cracker
    dust contains certain minerals that are beneficial in a garden bed.

Product Composition

  • Crushed and size graded granite or blue metal stone.

Product Benefits

  • Can be used as an organic fertilizer.
  • Pathways and driveways.
  • Underlay for artificial lawn.
  • 6×4 trailer approximately 0.6666 m3
Weight 1000 kg

1 Scoop (Half 6×4 trailer), 2 Scoops (Full 6×4 trailer), 1 Cubic Metre (3 Scoops), 2 Cubic Metres, 3 Cubic Metres, 4 Cubic Metres, Larger Loads (Contact store for pricing)


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