Bushland Black Mulch (Coarse)


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Product Description:

  • For jobs that require a cost-effective solution, Idea for large area mulching, while still having a simular look of premium mulches. Excellent water and weed suppression qualities.

Product composition:

  • Made from aged Medium to large grind tree matter and compost. This is a budget grade product. This mulch may contain some plastic pieces that have been missed in screening process

Product Benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • Decorative black garden mulch
  • Organically coloured
  • Retains moisture
  • Suppressors weeds
  • Made locally
Weight 1000 kg

1 Scoop (Half 6×4 trailer), 2 Scoops (Full 6×4 trailer), 2 Cubic Metres, 3 Cubic Metres, 4 Cubic Metres, 5 Cubic Metres, 6 Cubic Metres, 7 Cubic Metres, 8 Cubic Metres, 9 Cubic Metres, 10 Cubic Metres, 3 Scoops (1 Cubic Meter)


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