Drainage Rock


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Product Description

  • This is used for multiple applications starting with filling pipes, trenches, holes with this rock, which subsequently allows water to flow easily through the pipe.
  • a second option for this product is to be used in the garden for providing a base layer which prevents roots from becoming over hydrated or being used as a mulch to stop soil erosion.

Product Composition

  • Recycled brick.

Product Benefits

  • Multiple applications. E.G. Gardens or construction
  • Budget friendly option.
  • 6×4 trailer approximately 0.6666 m3
Weight 1000 kg

1 Scoop (Half 6×4 trailer), 2 Scoops (Full 6×4 trailer), 1 Cubic Metre (3 Scoops), 2 Cubic Metres, 3 Cubic Metres, 4 Cubic Metres, Larger Loads (Contact store for pricing)


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