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Earth N Zyme 2Ltr


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Earth-n-Zyme 2L

  • Decompacts soil
  • Treats black layer
  • Decomposes thatch layer
  • Treats most fungal  diseases
  • Controls surface algae  &  moss
  • Treats hydrophobic soil  conditions
  • Increases nutrient uptake  for  lawn  & / or  plants
  • Suitable for all  lawns,  gardens  & horticultural


Earth-n-Zyme is a powerful, Australian made & owned, bio-enzyme based soil wetter and beneficial-bacteria enhancer that reinvigorates degraded soil. Earth-n-zyme is suitable for all lawns/ turf, gardens and horticultural applications.  The proprietary blend of enzymes, stimulate and enhance existing soil bacteria to concentration levels of up to 600 times from 14 days of first application.  Always use nitrogen (or a quality n-p-k fertilser) before applying earth-n-Zyme as the bacteria will consume available nitrogen in the soil initially.  Yellowing of foliage may occur if nitrogen or fertiliser isn’t applied prior to applying

Earth-n-zyme (yellowing will be temporary and easily fixed by using fertiliser).  The massive boost in levels of beneficial bacteria in the soil results in;


  • The breakdown of hydrophobic waxy spore coatings. Most soil
  • Wetters only disperse these compounds, whereas earth-n-Zyme eliminates them, resulting in water saturation levels of up to 1 meter deep
  • Accelerates organic matter decomposition
  • Consumes fungal diseases
  • Breaks down black layering
  • Decomposes thatch layering
  • De-compacts soil

Noticeable results take 3 to 12 months, depending on the severity of the ailment/s.  A temporary increase in fungal activity may occur as all fungal spores spawn to try and survive.


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Directions:  follow the below treatment guide & mix the required dose to treat your chosen area in a watering can or venturi spray gun dispenser.  Spread measured dose evenly & water in well.

Earth-n-zyme can’t be overdosed.


Treatment application:  use the “treatment dosage rate” when soil, lawn or plant ailments are present.  The dose can be doubled for severe problems.

5ml per 1 m²/ 50ml per 10 m² or

2l per 400m².

Treat every 8—12 weeks.


Maintenance application:  use the “maintenance dosage rate” when desired results are achieved.

2.5ml per 1 m²/ 25ml per 10 m² or

2l per 800m².

Treat every 3—4 months.

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    Great product for lawns.

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