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Euro Clay 50Ltr


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Euro Clay,  the clay substrate Liaflor is an ecological, proven raw material for healthy indoor and terrace pants as well as for professional hydroponics. The Liaflor substrate is based on the use of natural Liassic clay. This is baked in a rotary oven at a temperature of approximately 1,200 °C, expanded and sieved. Liaflor is frostproof, non-flammable, germ-free and chemically and biologically neutral.

The Liaflor clay granules are filled with countless air gaps that give the product its light weight. This makes Liaflor particularly quick and easy to apply. What is more, the high baking temperature makes Liaflor extremely strong and stable. As a result, the Liaflor clay granules retain their shape even when wet or after frequent frosts. Whether used alone or combined with earth, Liaflor provides an ideal soil structure and guarantees that plants are optimally supplied with water and nutrients and are properly aerated.


Regulated watering thanks to built-in water level indicator

Clean and odour-free

Prevention of soil pests

Ideal plant growth

Simple, trouble-free plant care

Easy, efficient fertilisation


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