Karri & Peat Mulch


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Product Description

  • A great mulch for all applications. It is the darkest mulch in stock and is also a heavy mulch.

Product Composition

  • Crushed karri and peat

Product Benefits

  • Best mulch for water retention and high organic material
  • Greatly assists in water evaporation and soil temperature reduction
  • Great nutrient boost and assists the control of weed growth
  • 6×4 trailer approximately 0.6666 m3
Weight 1000 kg

1 Scoop (Half 6×4 trailer), 2 Scoops (Full 6×4 trailer), 1 Cubic Metre (3 Scoops), 2 Cubic Metres, 3 Cubic Metres, 4 Cubic Metres, 5 Cubic Metres, 6 Cubic Metres, 7 Cubic Metres, 8 Cubic Metres, 9 Cubic Metres, 10 Cubic Metres


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