Kwik Set Cement 20kg


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  • Ideal for fencing posts, clothes hoists, letterboxes, and any non-structural posts requiring a quick set time, stabilizing support.
  • Suited to setting most post types including steel and timber in a fast setting concrete.
  • Use whenever a ready-to-use concrete mix and rapid set time is required.

Quick Information:


  • 1 x 20kg bag = 0.01m3 or 1 post
  • 50 x 20kg bags = 0.5m3
  • 100 x 20kg bags = 1.0m3


  • The hole should be twice as wide and deep as the post.
  • Add water to the hole then add the Kwikset, not the other way around.

* Buy between 5 and 59 bags at $7.15 per bag
* Buy 60 or more bags at $6.40 per bag

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