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Aussie Organics Mushroom Compost is 100% genuine spent mushroom farm compost. It’s a dual purpose product – can both be used as a soil conditioner and a surface mulch. Mushroom Compost is ideal for vegetable gardens, vineyards & trees as it breaks down quickly to supply the plant with valuable nutrients – which in turn encourages root growth, resulting in healthier plants.

It is not recommended for some native plants and acid loving plants like azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons.

Mushroom Compost is best used by mixing it with the existing soil as a soil conditioner.


* Great source of organic matter
* Has a high water holding capacity
* Stores up to 65% of it’s own weight in water
* Encompasses a wide variety of plant nutrients
* Saves water
* Recycled, consistent product


* Buy 5 – 9 bags at $6.95 per bag

* Buy 10 or more bags at $6.45 per bag


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