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Troforte CRF Indoor & Patio 700G


Specially formulated to care for and nurture healthy Indoor and Patio plants

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Troforte Indoor and Patio has been specifically formulated to bring out the best in indoor and patio plants. These plant require shade or partial shade and tend to be more delicate to care for than other general garden plants.

Troforte Indoor and Patio contains a specifically selected suite of beneficial soil microbes and fungi. These microbes carry out important functions within the soil to ensure the nutrient uptake of plants remains at optimum levels.

Each application of Troforte Indoor and Patio lasts 4 months and 3 applications are all you will need per year. Your indoor and patio plants will thrive and remain in peak health.

Like all Troforte fertilisers, Troforte Indoor & Patio is non-leaching, environment, river and reef safe.


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