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Sand Supply

We supply a huge range of different sands for all your garden landscaping, building and construction project needs.

Whether you are landscaping, laying paving, need decorative sand or need to plasterers a wall, Mazzega’s has a wide range of different sand types suitable for various applications. Our team will be able to help you select the right sand for your project whether you need a few bags or several truck loads. If you have a job to do; we will supply the sand you need and in the right quantities.

Below are some of the most common projects that require sand.

  • Laying pavers
  • Filling a sandpit
  • Laying bricks
  • Laying Besser blocks
  • Rendering a wall
  • Topdressing a lawn
  • Levelling uneven surfaces
  • Backfilling trenches
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Brickies Sand​

Brickies Sand is generally yellow and consists of a mixture of materials such as cement, lime and water.

Used for

Base component for brick mortar or jointing cement.

  • Can be used as paving sand as it compacts well due to a higher clay and fine silt content
  • Used in domestic and industrial building construction

Plasters Sand

Plastering sand is used for domestic and industrial building construction projects. The perfect mix consists of sand, cement, lime and water.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent base component for a brick render mix
  • Can also be used as paving sand but has a lower clay and fine silt content
  • Easier to level off without forming a crust on the surface

Paving Sand

Paving sand is dry sand that contains little to no moisture. It is mixed with other materials such as cement, lime and water.

Used for

  • Excellent base for brick paving and levelling off before paving because it can be easily compacted
  • Used as bedding sand for pipework and as an alternative to fill sand for housing and sheds

Clean Fill Sand

Fill sand may contain materials such as roots, rocks, stones, limestone and vegetable matter.

Product Benefits

  • Primarily used for creating a level compacted base/pad for a house or building
  • Raising levels of low-lying blocks
  • Filling in areas such as removal of a swimming pool

Whitewashed Sand

Whitewashed sand contains no salt, silt, clay, dust or powder. This sand is used extensively in schools and day-care centres because it is clean and pure.

Product Benefits

  • Perfect for children’s playgrounds and sandpits
  • Used as topdressing on synthetic lawn
  • Can be used as gap sand for paving.

Loam Sand

Soil composed mostly of sand

Used for:

  • Used as a well draining base sand, ideal for garden beds.
  • can be used as a top soil for lawns
  • As a fill sand.

If you are not sure which sand is best for your project come in and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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